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No two companies are the same, so we are great believers in tailored approach.
We listen. We seek to understand. We assess. We work with you.
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Mental Health
First Aid Training

We provide Level 3 Mental Health First Aid in the Workplace training which educates people how to identify, understand and support those who might be experiencing mental health problems.
The training is accredited and certified by QualSafe Awards.

We offer two ways of delivery and you can choose the option that suits your company best:
Face-2-face training (on your premises)
Online live sessions (virtual classroom).

Wellbeing Strategies
& HR Support

Want you improve your staff’s wellbeing but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you already have a plan in place  but want to make it better?
Let us help you!

We will review your current arrangements and recommend improvements. We can help you create a bespoke wellbeing plan with a rounded approach and clear goals, integrating your HR and H&S management. Find out how we can assist you with your wellbeing strategy in the workplace now.

Stress Risk Assessments

High staff turnover? Soaring levels of sickness absence? Conflicts within the team? Does it all sound familiar?
We can help you assess your workplace in line with the HSE Management Standards and create adequate Risk Assessment to ensure you can manage workplace stress issues effectively, supporting your workforce and letting them thrive.

As mental health in the workplace is becoming bigger and bigger subject, we offer our assistance in integrating MH management into your existing HSMS.
We will help you identify and address psychosocial risks present in your workplace. We can also help prepare your business for the ISO 45003 accreditation.

Building Resilient Teams

Resilience is not something everyone is born with – it’s a way of thinking and, as such, teams can be trained to adopt this mindset.

We offer Mental Health workshops and Wellbeing seminars for your Employees as well as coaching sessions for Teams and senior-level individuals (Managers, Directors).

We provide a number of tools to support effective two-way communication and consultation with your workforce.